Room Instructions

Thank you esteemed customer for booking your stay with us we hope you have a wonderful experience. Please find below some instructions to help us better serve you.

  • All guests must register at the reception with valid identification and fill out other details required by the law.
  • Regular check-in hours is 11 am and check out is strictly before 11am. After 11am the room will immediately be considered for another night. Late checkout after 11am is subject to a 50% room charger.
  • Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (identification is a must).
  • Drugs and illegal alcohol are strictly forbidden in the hotel property. 24hrs surveillance cameras in and around the property is a must in collaboration with local law enforcement.
  • Please leave your room key at the reception for housekeeping purposes every morning after breakfast. Failure to do so will be considered that you do not want disturbance in your room and no one will access that room.
  • As a green initiative and environmentally friendly practice, we encourage our gest to re use their towels and dispose of only towels that need to be changed in the laundry bins. Let’s save water and energy where possible.      
  • All rooms are equipped with digital safe deposit boxes for your valuables, please refer to safe instructions manual or ask reception for help. The hotel also disposes of a general safe at the reception for additional storage. Claiming theft without proving the use of these safety measures put in place will be considered at your own risk.   
  • All rooms are equipped with individual water heaters for your comfort, ensure it is plugged in or ask receptionist for help in operating hot water (hot water is readily available for your comfort, it’s just plugging in you heater).
  • All rooms are non-smoking and equipped with a terrace for your convenience. Failure to refrain from smoking in the room is subject to a 50$ fine and ejection from the room facility.
  • All rooms have Wi-Fi and satellite television for your convenience, ask reception for WIFI password and instructions, also note that TV channels should be active if not refer to reception for help.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning service available at a cost, please refer to laundry tariffs or ask reception for clarifications,

Rooms are inspected at checkout to ensure all the belongings found in rooms & minibar are left intact if a problem occurs bear with us to solve any issues in diplomatic manner through mediation.